Algebra I

Algebra I is the first course of the NYS high school Common Core mathematics curriculum. It will cover traditional topics in elementary algebra, such as real numbers and their properties, proportionality, the study of linear, quadratic, exponential, and piecewise functions, and solving systems of equations and inequalities. Students will also study arithmetic and geometric sequences as well as descriptive statistics. Throughout the course, students will develop various problem-solving strategies in order to demonstrate mathematical reasoning ability.

Students are required to take the NYS Algebra 1 Common Core Regents given in June.

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MP4 Quiz 1 Review SOLUTIONS
MP3 Quiz 3 Review SOLUTIONS
Algebra Check-Up Assignment due Thurs. 1/17
Unit 4 Test Review
MP2 Quiz 2 Concept List
Units 1-3 Graded HW Assignment - Due Fri. 11/30
Unit 3 Extra Practice - Review for MP2 Quiz 1
Test Correction Paper
Unit 2 Test Topic List
Unit 2 Test Review
Quiz 4 Topic List
Algebra through Patterns Guidesheet
Algebra I Syllabus